E M I L Y  L U X

LUX . the flame keeper


Mainly inspired by desire to communicate the connection to nature, ancient mysticism and bringing light into the darkness.  

Taking style inspirations from visionary art, surrealism, science fiction and graphic novels. She is a multi media artist, translating concepts and ideas into a variety of mediums including tattoo, traditional painting, digital media, performance and installation art. 


Emily Lux grew up moving around the world from a young age. Her roots spreading from Indonesia to England, then settling most of her child hood in Montreal, Quebec. Her artistic path brought her to British Columbia, where living a nomadic lifestyle introduced her to a whole new community of creatives. She is currently based out of Vancouver, Canada.
Lux has been contributing to music festivals such as Luminosity, Bass Coast and Electric Love.  She is currently partnered with Cats Eye Solutions for stage designs at music festivals all over BC.

Lux has been working in the wedding and corporate event industry since 2015, with experience in every stage of the process from design to execution.

Her work has been published in WedLuxe and MotherMuse Magazine.

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Art @lux.theflamekeeper

Modelling @lux.the.flame

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