warrior heart

(22"x16") - 2016
Created from a mannequin bust. Textured with paint, black caulking and feathers.

Details of gold chain and ethically sources moose & deer teeth. Amethyst heart wire wrapped by Shamanic Conceptions. 

For Sale. $777


M I X E D  M E D I A

Through the smoke and fire, rising ashes.

Crawling out of the womb , the tide crashes.

This isn't the end of your story,

It's only just beginning.


Remember dear child...

The Warrior Heart will always be singing.

- Emily Lux


grow like wild flowers

Like wildflowers; You must grow in all the places people thought you never would.

- E.V


Resin casted floral frame (33"X23") - 2018

Created with an Ikea mirror spray painted gold and waterproof sealed. Real plants, moss and figs from the garden. Gold pocket watch and quartz crystals. With hand written poetry.



key to the queen

Resin casted print (10"X7") - 2017

With ethically sourced deer vertebrae and tooth. Bronze key, black chain and real flowers.

Print of 'Eleven Royalty'. 


system reboot ; turn me on

Resin casted wood plaque (18"x5" ) - 2017

An ode to the past and to the future. As technology takes over our everyday lives. Consciously reboot - return to your roots. 

Sacred mapacho tobacco, real flowers, chain and broken computer parts.