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The Citadel Stage - Curiosity Festival 2019

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Stage design by Cats Eye Solutions ft. Emily Lux & Shannon Renae

Moon Tricks performing live on the Citadel Stage, Saturday night of Curiosity Festival.

Brian BP Mackie of Cats Eye Solutions asked me to get involved with the design process of the Citadel Stage 2019. With his expertise in lighting and a full inventory of lights, I jumped onto this project excitedly! We spent months prior to the festival designing, going back and fourth with the stage managers and organizers of Curiosity Festival. Once we got the confirmation and everything made sense structurally, pre-build started. Shannon was our CNC mastermind, she was able to take our ideas into reality and send exact files for our centrepiece to get CNC'd out in Nelson, BC. Steve Anton was our lead carpenter, who built the incredibly secure structure that could hold the weight of multiple LED lights and LED panels rigged onto it. We had an awesome team of volunteers that would come help sculpt and paint the foam pieces that were used to cover light posts and add more of a 'citadel' feel to the main centrepiece. With myself and Shannon overseeing the volunteers and making sure everything got done on time. Working along side the project manager, Brian Mackie, we had this entire stage built in his backyard in Vancouver, then it was picked up in a trailer and brought to the festival grounds. Curiosity 2019 was located near Princeton, BC - at Snug Lake Amphitheatre.

“Dopest collaboration, such an honour to work with you! Love every bit of detail you put into it” - Shannon Renae

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