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The Squish Collective

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Multidisciplinary Art House.

With a lack of affordable housing in Vancouver, and a city full of talented artists & musicians. I decided to make something happen. I went on the search for a dream home to gather creatives together and curate a safe space to explore their creativity. The first home was started in 2016. It was a large 4 bedroom upstairs suite of a 'Vancouver Classic'. With multiple chandeliers and skylights.. it defiantly felt like a palace. As a group we came together to name the collective house. The Crystal Palace was the first idea, but felt too cold and egoistical. All of us being our own shade of weird, we called it The Squishtal Palace (inspired by all the rooms having squishy carpet.) The name stuck but the house didn't. It was sold within only 6 months of settling in and we were given the notice to leave. Discourage but not defeated... I went back to the vision board and did it all over again. Dubbed official 'House Mama Lux'. I made sure to keep myself, and those I cared about off the streets and into another home. After searching far and wide, my jaw dropped when I saw what came to be the second reincarnation. I locked down this place and was surprised at house eerily similar it was to the last. Spiral staircase, chandeliers and all... only a slight layout change. This became The Squish 2.0. The Squish is more than just a home. A full on multidisciplinary art house. With many changes of roommates within its lifespan, bringing lots of different energies together. From hosting spoken word poetry nights, all female acoustic performances, art sessions and full on house bangers. With a room permanently installed as a DJ booth. Many of the roommates were DJ's and producers, inspiring each other by showing off the newest heat and collaborating on projects.

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